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We’ve all been in a place where we were looking at the perfect view, and all we wanted to do was capture all of it with a bird’s-eye or 360-degree shot without us having to try out different angles or twist and spin our bodies to get a shot. The Luna 360 camera came to us when we needed it the most. It allows you to take high-quality pictures and videos with just simple clicks.

It not only allows you to take high-quality pictures and videos, it has a special feature where you can post them on all your social media platforms as and when you take them. With only a single button on top, Luna can take care of all your needs. One tap lets you click a photo, and two taps help you capture a video and press 3 sec to turn it on / off. Not even the full size of your palm, Luna is 6 cm in diameter and weighs 170g – you can carry it along everywhere (and by everywhere, we mean even while swimming in the ocean as it’s waterproof)

Let’s get into the specification of our Luna 360 camera review.

Main Specifications – What Makes It So Unique?

Lens: This 360 camera has 190 twin-lens. Fisheye lenses FOV x 2 = 360 full sphere view

With two spherical lenses, an inbuilt gyroscope, auto-stitching, and a waterproof enclosure, Luna Livestream shoots 360 degrees 2K photo/video in no time.

Image sensor: 5MP x 2


Shape: It looks like a fish eye or a poll ball. It is very small and can easily fit in any pocket of yours

Dimensions: 2.54 inch (64.5 mm) diameter, circular


Weight: < 150 g


360 recording mode: 4K lens Stitched 1080p 30fps360 video, and 4K lens Stitched 2K Photo 360 Photo

360 streaming mode: Portocal: RTSP, Codec: h.264 / motion JPG, Bitrate: 1 Mbps

VR Support: VR Gear: Oculus Rift DK1/DK2, Samsung GearVR, VR Playback: Kolor, Video-Stitch, VR Online Player: YouTube, Facebook, LittlStar

Control: You are in full control with the Luna 360 as you can get a preview of your video on your smartphone, and you can edit, upload, download, and share it on social media.


Battery: Luna can record up to one hour of continuous video recording


Storage: It has 32GB of internal storage

Sound: It has a good quality microphone that is built-in to make it waterproof

Our Review of the Luna 360 Camera

The 190 fish eyes in Luna 360 make it a must-have for sharp 360 pictures and videos. Thanks to its shape, it does not move, making it very stable and dependable for pictures and videos. Along with that, this masterpiece is waterproof, which means you are stress-free on days when swimming or surfing is involved. It makes it easier to use it under any weather condition without any worry. Not only is it sturdy, but it’s exterior is covered with aluminum which makes it protected and all-encompassing for those long adventures. The fish-eye lenses and 5-megapixel sensor are secured with scratch-proof glass, which is one less thing you need to worry about.

The 32 GB camera makes for a good amount of space. You can easily live stream all your adventures by WIFI. It has a built-in microphone to capture all the sounds so you can relive any moment with the amazing image and sound quality. The Gyro stabilizations help make your adventurous videos leveled even when your camera is shaking or you’re in the middle of something where you can’t keep your hand still. It makes it perfect for people who love the outdoors and who love taking pictures and videos while on adventures along with steaming them live. The best thing is that you can find a magnetic adaptor on the base of Luna is where you can attach your power charger, plug in any other accessories you wish to, or transfer your data on the spot.

This camera comes with its adapter, magnetic USB wire, and a power mount which is pretty awesome for the price. Luna can connect to any mobile phone in a minute, thanks to the WIFI. It lets you broadcast your 360-degree videos on your smartphone as and when you record, allowing you to save them with the help of a wireless connection. Along with this, it offers you the ease of sharing it to all your social media platforms, and how cool is that?


  • The small size is super convenient
  • Great value for money
  • Easily upload on social media
  • WIFI connectivity
  • Internal memory is good


  • Lacks a long-lasting battery life

Who Is It For?

It is perfect for outdoorsy people who are always up for an adventure. The camera and video specifications are such that they will help elevate their entire outdoor experience. It is best for adventures as the Gyro stabilizations help make the videos smooth even while the camera shakes. People who love the outdoors, taking pictures and videos of their ongoing adventures while steaming them live, will benefit from this greatly.

Our Final Thoughts

We hope our Luna 360 camera review gives you a complete insight into what this small yet impeccable camera can do. It is an amazing gadget to have as it elevates your level and experience when it comes to compact cameras and 360-degree video and pictures.

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