360 Cameras for Semi Trucks

With the increase in the rate of road accidents, drivers are looking for more technologies that can give an in-depth view of the surroundings. The lengthened structure of semi-trucks makes it even more critical for these giant vehicle drivers to have a 360-camera setup to have eyes on all sides. Therefore, we have compiled a list of worthwhile investments if you’re looking for a 360 camera for a semi-truck.

ZEROXCLUB Wireless Backup Camera System Kit


This ZEROXCLUB Wireless Backup Camera is engineered to equip drivers with a 360-degree view of the area around their vehicle. On a 10-inch, premium display monitor screen, the four reliable wireless cameras provide a good view of the front, back, left, and right sides. To help you precisely park your car, the 170-degree broad-angle cameras detect blind spots.

360 camera for semi truck

The digital wireless technology guarantees maximum connectivity and transmission with a neat and visually beautiful setup. In addition, the quick installation procedure reduces the time needed for setup all around the vehicle.

The night vision of this 360 camera set, which enables excellent road visibility even at night, is another admirable feature. The weather does not affect the ability of ZEROXCLUB’s waterproof, robust camera system to support the vehicle and withstand environmental wear and tear. In light of this, your camera system will continue to function without any further support, whether it is raining or sunny outside.

The camera system at ZEROXCLUB gives users a personalized experience. With the image flip option, you may modify the angles to your liking, and for a more personalized experience, you can also switch the guidelines back on or off. Additionally, the split screen enables many views to be seen at once for careful driving. The loop recording feature automatically replaces the oldest recording to conserve the device’s memory.

The main thing to remember is that wireless cameras do not use batteries. They can instead be linked to a DC power source and come with a separate cable. In addition, the monitor must be hooked up to display the surroundings in HD resolution.

5 Split Large Screen Backup Camera


Truckeela’s 5-Channel Camera System is the ideal add-on for your car because it provides a panoramic picture that encompasses the entire surroundings thanks to its fine detailed views from five different camera angles. The faultless in-time graphics guarantee safety as you keep an eye on the road from varied angles. Furthermore, the wide-angle vision makes parking easier because it can quickly identify blind spots and display them on the screen.

Even on wet days, the timeless black waterproof cameras offer 360° monitoring in fine detail. The cameras can also withstand sweltering days while maintaining video quality.

A 10.1-inch 1080 P HD monitor and the movable wide-angle cameras from Truckeela work together to produce noiseless footage. The automatic audiovisual recording is possible thanks to the built-in 128GB SD card setup. Additionally, you can keep the DVR recorder on even when your monitor is off to maintain surveillance while sleeping.

With split screening and movable parking lines, this 360-degree camera for semi-trucks also enables a personalized experience that helps you modify the screen view to your preferences. For improved driving decisions, mirror imaging also guarantees realistic-looking imagery.

You can quickly get on the road thanks to the instructions and the straightforward and time-saving installation method. The guidebook can assist you with most aspects, even if you are required to troubleshoot.

With the recording feature, you might experience specific difficulties. However, the company’s 24-hour customer support might help you resolve the problem.

VSYSTO Truck Dash and Backup Camera


The four robust and wear-resistant cameras that cover the front, back, and sides of the semi-truck make up the groundbreaking VSYSTO 360 Camera, which provides comprehensive monitoring. The front and rear cameras and the right and left sides can be manually swapped between the 7-inch display screen’s split mode.

The remarkable infrared night vision technology provides outstanding surveillance even in the dark for nighttime road safety. The robust cameras function well in adverse weather thanks to characteristics that make them resistant to heat and cold and waterproof technology that keeps the cameras functional even when it’s pouring. A supercapacitor fuels the dash cam instead of a lithium battery. Supercapacitors often have higher levels of dependability and longer lifespans.

Built-in g-sensors in the VSYSTO 360 Camera setup automatically identify, record, and save recordings of crashes without erasing crucial evidence that may be used in insurance claims. The pre-installed GPS system compatible with Google Maps is another excellent feature that helps the camera maintain control over route and speed.

The system can accommodate a high-grade 256GB SD card for maximum space and recording savings, even though the SD card isn’t included in the bundle.

The only issue might be the manual switching of screens, as the small screen size can only accommodate two views at a time.

Weivision 360 Degree Bird View Camera


The four 190-degree wide-angle cameras in the Weivision Bird View Camera configuration make it a worthwhile investment by enabling a panoramic view to aid in safe driving. The complete view prevents blind driving and accommodates different driving requirements, including parking and reverse driving.

The bundle includes a 7-inch monitor that displays crystal-clear real-time images. Camera cables, an HDMI cable, a 16GB USB drive, a compatible remote control, a monitor control box, and the user manual are all included. As a result, you may install the entire system yourself without any expert assistance, saving you time.

The only compatibility issue that can arise is that the cameras can only display images on the Weivision monitor.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding a 360 camera for a semi-truck is challenging yet necessary as it provides a comprehensive surrounding view that makes driving safe. All of the recommended camera setups are high quality and well-loved by other semi-truck drivers around the globe. We hope this review might give you some insights into what might work best for your needs.

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