Experience Nico360 in VR with the Nicocam app.

Viewing your 360°x 360° moments through a VR headset will give you a completely immersive experience. The Nicocam app will be available soon for iOS and Android devices.

  • Set up and control camera.

  • Sync photos and videos instantly.

  • Editing your 360°x 360° moments.

  • Live streaming.

  • Social Sharing.

  • VR enabled.

  IOS App   Android App



Duo 16MP Sensor

25 Megapixel 360° Stills

1440P WQHD Video

VR Enabled

Headset: Oclulus Rift DK2, Samsung GearVR etc.

Online Player: Youtube, Facebook etc.

Image Stabilization

Electronic image stabilization with built-in gyroscope and accelerometer

Content Sharing

Sharing your 360° footage is as easy as sending a link through Nicocam app


Able to protect against water jets

Li-polymer Battery

Up to 2 hours

Live Preview

Real time preview available in Nicocam app

Live Stream Broadcasting

Full HD 360° video streaming over Wi-Fi

Outing with Nico360



The Nico360 has a number of mounts including
the selfie stick,bar mount,stickie mounts and more.You can also mount
the Nico360 to any existing 1/4” mounts.