What Is a 360 Camera?

What is a 360 camera? As the name implies, it is an omni-directional camera that snaps images and records films with a 360-degree field of view. Thus, you can scroll in all directions when viewing 360 still images as well as 360 videos.

360-degree cameras are a major upgrade over conventional cameras. Some have really good customer feedback, like the Insta360.

The purpose of 360 cameras is to help you see images and videos just like the way you see the world. It captures image details from all directions.

What Is a 360 Camera

These cameras use a special arrangement of multiple lenses to capture image information from a 360 field of view. Frequently, 2 wide angle lenses are deployed to this end. The camera then stitches images from both lenses to give you one image (or video) in 360 degrees.

What to Expect with 360 Cameras?

There is a lot that you can accomplish with a good 360 camera. There is a 360 channel on YouTube that covers all sorts of events, including motorsports, base jumping, scuba diving, and music festivals. National Geographic also makes use of 360 cameras for some really stunning panoramas of wildlife and nature.

360 Cameras for Social Media

360 cameras are ideal for social media. Uploading 360 videos and pictures to Facebook and other social media sites is now a cinch.

You may have had the privilege of seeing 360 videos appear in the Facebook news feed. These videos have the 360 logo tag, and there are easy instructions for viewing these videos from all directions.

Using the latest 360 cameras like Samsung Gear, you can also live stream rich media to YouTube. You can now share real life action with the rest of the world in the most realistic way possible.

Whether you are on holiday, walking outside, dining with friends, or doing any other activity both indoors and outdoors, you can share the action with a 360 camera.

360 images and videos are the ultimate in providing the fullest view possible. Thus, there is no better way of sharing your experience than by recording it in 360 formats.

Virtual Reality

If you want to be a part of your images or video, experience all your 360 images and videos via a virtual reality headset. This is the ideal way of witnessing the action since you will find yourself in the midst of the action using the VR headset. With a VR headset, your eyes are at the center of the image/video (that is where the 360 camera was placed), and you can watch the drama unfold by turning your head in any direction.

Although VR headsets are the ideal mode for viewing 360 images and videos, they are not absolutely necessary. You can see such images and videos even without one.

To see the video on your computer monitor, simply drag the screen around using the trackpad or mouse.

Doing so is even easier when using a smartphone. You just have to tilt the phone in the right direction and the viewing angle with shift accordingly.

360 Camera Resolution

However, there is one key point to bear in mind. Since the field of view is so large, complete in fact, there will be a dilution in video quality with even 4K resolution. In normal 16:9 videos, 4K videos provide a stunning level of detail for the most vivid imagery. But with a 360 cam, the same number of pixels are now spread over a huge viewing angle. So 360 imagery even in 4K will be nowhere near as sharp as what you would see in 16:9 frames shot in 4K.

Are There Differences in 360 Cameras?

Just like there are big differences between conventional cameras, there are major differences between competing 360 cameras.

For example, the Ricoh Theta can easily fit in your pocket; thus, you can carry it wherever you go. This model is the perfect 360 camera for those who want to start recording at the press of a button.

The Samsung Gear, on the other hand, is geared towards YouTube.

360 cameras have a robust build to record the action as it happens. They often have water-resistant casing so that you can use these cameras underwater.

Smartphone Integration

360 cameras can integrate seamlessly with your smartphone. It just requires you to download the app for 360 camera, and then nothing can stop you from having full control via Bluetooth.

You can also control the camera using physical buttons on its body; it is much quicker and easier to use the app. The app is a greater option because it will likely give you access to certain features that you cannot use when working with buttons. You can do a lot of cool stuff using the app, like controlling the shutter using the app interface, editing, modifying images and videos as per your needs. You can even upload your edited videos easily using the app.

If you feel daunted by all this, then you need not worry. For, many 360 cameras are designed with user-friendliness as a top priority. For many models, you can start capturing 360 imagery at just the press of a button. The most user-friendly cameras have an awesome pre-stitch function so that you do not have to do any image stitching on your own. The app will do much of the hard work for you.

Invisible Selfie Stick

Chances are, you will not want the selfie stick to appear in your 360 images or video. Thankfully, 360 camera apps can delete the selfie stick to be invisible in the final video/image. The video will look as if it was shot with a drone?


The 360 cameras have gimbals, and apps have stabilization features to mitigate jerks and shakes. Your videos will appear super smooth.

Before deciding anything, do your research to find out the perfect 360 camera that suits your requirements.

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