Best 360 Camera for Cars

Interested in the best 360 camera for a car? Then look no further than the Insta360 One R since it has the full array of features you need for amazing 360 dashcam videos. Robust stabilization, superior visuals, vibrant colors, high resolution, and a host of other features make the Insta360 One R the best camera for cars.

The Insta360 One R is right up there with class-leading models like the GoPro Max and the Hero 8 Black. Although the Insta360 One R does not have the same extraordinary video quality as the Max and Hero 8, the compact modular design makes it a clear winner. Using this nifty 360 camera as a dashcam is a joy, thanks to the tiny footprint and thoughtful design.

The Best 360 Camera for Cars

The Insta360 One R is a prime example of how leading brands can pack a whole range of comprehensive features in one neat package. Moreover, the 360 cam is proof that a versatile 360 cam does not have to be cumbersome.

Best 360 Camera for Car

The modular design is what defines the Insta360 One R. A third of the device is battery, another block has the screen and control while the third segment has the sensor and lens system.

Thanks to this modular system, you can deploy the Insta360 One R as a 4K action cam or a standard 360 camera.

One question that would be on everyone’s mind is this. Will it fall apart owing to its modular design? Experience proves that such fears are unfounded. The Insta360 One R is just a tad bit bigger than the Hero 8 while being exceptionally sturdy.

When you connect the camera lens block and the control block together, the whole gadget feels quite rigid and resilient. The modular design sounds good in theory, but it also works well in practice.

Do you wish to switch lenses? Then just take out the battery, pry off the lens and fix it in the other module. You are done in a few seconds without fuss.


  • Three cameras in one package
  • Superb 360 visuals at 4K
  • Highly compact modular design


  • Small screen


Another welcome feature is the waterproof build. Although the design is modular, thankfully, it did not come at the expense of waterproofing. Hence, the Insta360 One R is a decent action camera even in wet areas with plenty of surf, spray, and splashing. Moreover, the camera is water-resistant to 5 meters. So if you drop your camera in water, you need not worry.

However, if you want deep dive snorkeling videos, you will have to buy a special waterproof casing to take built-in water resistance beyond 5 meters.


The key weakness of the camera has to be the minuscule 1.3-inch display. It’s not awfully low res, but it does feel small. Moreover, you cant expect very vivid visuals on a 1.3-inch screen. So instead of relying on the built-in screen, you are better off using the app on your smartphone for seeing the live feed.

The preview screen gets even smaller when you record a 16:9 format video. The GoPro and the Hero 8 both shine with their ample screen size that allows for a solid user experience.

Also, the interface can feel erratic at times. For example, you might feel that the menu scroll is more than what you intended, and menu flicking can occasionally be buggy.

Image Quality

At its standard 4K resolution setting, the Insta360 One R captures plenty of detail. Video quality is above par under good lighting. Even in darker areas, the shadows appear just right with a nice level of detail.

However, there are certain conditions when the Insta360 One R is prone to shimmering textures and blurring. This can happen when there is significant motion in less lighting, for instance. In addition, on rare occasions, there can be considerable erratic motion in parts of the frame as if there is no stabilization.

One noticeable advantage that the Insta360 One R has is that there is very little purple fringing. And if any purple distortion transpires, you can remove it using the app.

As for still visuals, the Insta60 boasts high-quality photos.

So the Insta360 One R, even though it does not have the same depth of resolution as the Hero 8 and the Max, is still a decent camera for casual users.

360-degree clips have a resolution of 5.6K, which is right up there with class-leading models. The 360-degree module can shoot at 5760 x 2880 pixels at 30 frames per second. The frame rate at this high resolution is satisfactory.

Both stitching and stabilization are exceptional.

Towards the frame periphery, vision is a bit blurred. But then this defect is inherent to fisheye lenses, and even Hero 8 and Max are not immune to this.

In dim lighting, there is a drop in video quality, though with the 360-module. Although stabilization is quite good, there is some blurring in frames when lighting is low.

Even though the Insta360 One R may not have as much video quality as the Hero 8 and the GoPro Max, it does come at a lower cost plus, the design is modular. At its price point, the image quality is very good.


You will have to export videos from the One R using the mobile app available on both iOS and Android. Besides the mobile app, there is also the Insta360 Studio app for computers.

The app is overall quite intuitive and easy to use. You can choose your viewing mode, select a key point in the video, and pan and zoom with ease. There are even smart tracking features that keep the subject in the middle of the frame. There are also extra modes and templates for you to make fascinating videos.

So you can get a professional-looking polished video using the editing features on the app.

Our Final Thoughts

The video quality of the Insta360 One R is overall quite decent, although it does not match the video quality of the Hero 8 and GoPro Max. However, the price point is lower, and the design is modular, making it a great choice for casual users who want the best 360 camera for cars.

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