Best 360 Camera Booths

Whether you’re an event organizer or want to plan an epic party at your house with an engaging experience for all the guests, 360-camera photo booths can certainly add liveliness to your event. The fun camera setup has numerous related equipment in the package to give a comprehensive experience without looking for individual equipment, which can be a hassle. To further narrow your search, we have compiled a list of the best 360-camera booth setups you can quickly get your hands on today.

MWE 360 Photo Booth Machine


This trendy MWE 360 Photo Booth is your one-stop investment for quality 360-degree photos and videos. The package comes with different instruments fundamental in making your pictures look flawless and fun without hassling through additional purchases.

Best 360 camera booth

The 100 cm circular stand is wide enough to accommodate 3 to 5 people at a time, while the sturdy stand underneath holds the weight and balances it perfectly. The adjustable pad has an automatic and remote control rotation system to rotate the plate for panoramic video capture.

The roller bearings underneath simplify moving the setup around white the remote control helps adjust the rotation speed.

The stand on the side comes with a light setup and multiple device holders. The three different LED ring light modes impart different temperature lights: warm, cool, and bright white, to give users several options and also 10 brightness modes.

Moreover, the different device holders are located on different lengths to capture numerous lengths and angles in a single shot, and the extendable stand also helps adjust the desired length.

The pre-installed software allows users to capture different content styles such as pictures, boomerangs, slow-mos, etc. Furthermore, the free 4-month cloud space of up to 102 4GB holds numerous pictures safe for future use.

The assembling of the products is also straightforward with the instruction manual that comes with the package.

The only issue you must beware of is that the bag with the package to carry the setup doesn’t have sturdy handles. It’s advised to use another durable bag to ensure safe carriage of the setup without hurting yourself and the equipment.

RDYMONKEY 360 Photo Booth


RDYMONKEY 360 Photo Booth is another excellent investment owing to its sturdy and durable platform, and a selfie stick makes 360-degree video and picture shooting easy and fun.

The 100 cm flat circular disk with a sturdy roller bearing platform can adjust 3-5 people at a time for group selfies and videos without causing imbalance or shake. The magic LED strip around the metallic weight-bearing frame creates a party atmosphere in no time. Moreover, the remote control manages the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the platform while adjusting different speed options.

The extendable selfie stick can be adjusted to the desired length and can hold several image-capturing devices at different lengths simultaneously. Hence, users can capture different content, such as GIFs, images, slow-motion videos, etc., from several angles and lengths.

The additional selfie props also add to the party’s fun. You can also instantly share the fun on socials with different customization and animation options.

With different brightness levels and temperatures on the ring lights, you can capture different moods and accommodate every skin tone for appealing images.

You must only take care of ordering the right size to accommodate the crowd and fit the event space. Otherwise, the frame underneath might not be able to bear the weight.

OLYLO 360 Photo Booth Machine


OLYLO 360 Photo Booth Machine is one of the best 360 camera booth setups and is well-loved by customers. The commendable setup is robust and can hold multiple people at a time while easily spinning at the desired speed. The bearings underneath make the photo booth portable and adjustable according to the space.

The well-packed and complete setup comes with numerous equipment and devices that help make the booth successful and fun. The ring light with different temperatures and brightness levels changes the atmosphere of the images. In contrast, users can adjust the light strip attached to the metallic ring underneath the circular pad to different light settings to amp up the fun.

Moreover, the telescopic selfie rod and several device holders can be well adjusted on different lengths and angles to capture multiple contents simultaneously. The dance masks are a complementary addition and spark up the event and the captured content.

The smooth spin and rotation are controlled with a remote control which also changes the LED lights underneath. The setup is also compatible with Bluetooth to ensure wireless use and capture.

The customized logo options make the setup desirable for businesses to increase their exposure.

The only issue you might face is the heavy weight of the overall setup. Hence, be careful when carrying it from one location to another and use a reliable bag to pack the equipment.

360 Photo Booth Machine for Parties


This RXFSP 360 Photo Booth Machine is the best 360-camera setup designed to capture panoramic content at parties. The well-made platform and the metallic frame underneath can hold the weight of 3-5 people at once, depending upon the size you order.

The instantly captured content, such as animated videos, boomerangs, etc., can be tweaked and posted immediately on different social media accounts. The pictures become more fun with different ring light brightness levels and other filter options on the device and the pre-installed software.

The collapsible selfie stick rotates at the desired speed. It captures images from adjustable lengths and angles (thanks to the screws) on various devices with the help of adjustable device holders.

The setup is also great for rental businesses and event-planning firms. However, the only drawback might be adjusting angles as you secure different devices on the selfie arm.

Our Final Thoughts

In search of the best 360 camera booth setups, we have brought you four worthwhile options which can instantly spark up your parties or help create a new income stream. However, make an informed purchase and choose the setup that speaks to your needs.

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