Yi 360 VR Camera Review

Are you interested in the Yi 360 VR Camera? The Yi 360 VR Camera review will tell you all the pros and cons you need to know to make a smart decision.

The Yi 360 VR can record 360-degree footages in 5.7K. Featuring sharp resolution and good controls, the Yi 360 VR is suitable for hobbyists and experts alike.

4K resolution may sound good for conventional cameras and monitors. But it’s not enough for 360-degree cameras because the same number of pixels are spread out over the much larger 360-degree field of view rather than the much more compact 16:9 format view.

Our Review of the Yi 360 VR Camera

The Yi 360 VR camera is not bigger than a cigarette pack. But this compact camera is a 360 video shooting powerhouse with its ability to shot 5.7K resolution 360 videos at 30 frames per second. Many 360 cameras available on the market manage just 4K at 24 frames per second. So the Yi 360 VR is better than most models in terms of resolution and frame rate.

360 still images are also quite vibrant at 16 MP. An assortment of manual control is available so that you can manage without the app when needed. The 360 camera can live stream 4K videos to social media platforms.


  • High resolution
  • Vibrant colors
  • Great app
  • Universal tripod thread


  • Not waterproof
  • No app for Mac OS
  • Becomes warm at times during operation
  • Basic auto-stitching


With its 5.7K resolution capacity, the Yi 360 VR camera shoots more vivid visuals than many of its rivals.

One of the biggest issues with 360 cameras is that the photographer cannot get out of the picture since the 360 format is all-encompassing. The Yi 360 gets around this issue by allowing you to snap 3 still photos at intervals of 5 seconds. You can stand in 3 separate positions, and the app can recognize you in all 3 images and thus have you removed from the final image. The results are quite decent.


Both 360 videos and photos have crisp details and good depth in terms of color. Thus, image quality is good.

Compared to other less expensive 360 cameras, you will notice less chromatic aberration and noise with the Yi 360.

Although automatic stitching function is available, it is not the best. The stitch line is highly visible. This may be a problem if it passes through faces or other important parts of the photo.

The resolution is brought down to Full HD if you go for in-camera stitching.

If you have a PC, you can avoid this problem by downloading the app and stitching optically in 5.7K. Unfortunately, Mac OS users are out of luck since no such software is available to them.

At just under an hour, battery life is not terribly long. However, do note that most other 360 cameras don’t fare any better on average.

The Yi 360 is equipped with Sony IMX377 sensors capable of recording about 16 MP for still images and videos.

There are other useful features as well in the 360 camera. Videographers can adjust the ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and exposure metering mode. Moreover, the camera is also compatible with external mics. For this, you will have to fit the Yi adapter in the available USB-C port. This audio recording feature is especially useful for streaming 4K live videos to Facebook and YouTube.

Video Quality

The 360 camera records 360 images in time intervals ranging from 0.5 seconds to 60 seconds.

Besides 5.7K, the 360 camera can manage lower resolutions at higher frame rates. It can shoot 2K at 120 fps, 2.5K at 60 fps and 4K at 30 fps.

It would have been nice for the camera to record 360 visuals in the cinematic 24 fps. In the next upgrade, the app should convert 360-degree visuals to the conventional 16:9 format.


The app is available on both Android and iOS for mobile users. The well-designed interface has plenty of intuitive controls for easy operation. You can make quick adjustments to the camera using the app so that you get images as desired.

The Yi 360 links with your smartphone with Wi-Fi signals. On both Android and iOS, the app allows you to control all settings with ease using your smartphone. You can easily see the live feed on your phone. There are plenty of simple options for sharing and editing. Livestreaming to social media is a cinch.

There different viewing modes available for you to inspect and edit your images. The dual VR mode is also available, which you can view using your VR headset.

To preserve battery life, it is best not to transfer files over Wi-Fi.  Besides quick battery recharge, there is also the issue of heating with Wi-Fi file transfers.


Although the 360 camera is bulkier than other such cameras, it can still slide easily into your pocket. In addition, a drawstring bag is available for safely storing the camera so that lenses remain safe.

The camera is unfortunately not waterproof.

The device has an OLED screen that allows you to toggle between menus with the help of the on/off button and the 2 navigation buttons.

Our Final Thoughts

Avid videographers will find that the Yi 360 provides most features necessary for 360 videos and images.

The camera is more about core features than novel functions. Thus you won’t find anything too fancy. But you can expect basic features that are most necessary, like manual editing, vivid colors, high resolution, standard tripod thread, etc.

Mac users will not be too pleased with the lack of desktop editing software. Unfortunately, auto stitching is also not the very best out there.

All in all, the Yi 360 VR camera packs a host of features so that you can do most basic things with ease.

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