Where to Buy a 360 Camera

With a significant increase in the demand for personal life documenting for social media platforms, several tech giants are entering the industry with cutting-edge technology in cameras – out of which a 360 camera ranks highest.

A 360 camera lets you take more than just a picture or a simple video. It holds the power to capture each aspect of the moment you are living to help you tell a better story.

Now that a 360 camera has successfully penetrated markets all across the globe let’s discuss where to buy 360 cameras and related accessories.

Where To Buy 360 Camera

Where to Buy a 360 Camera

Here are the different online stores that sell high-quality, top-rated 360 cameras:

1. Ricoh Theta SC2 White 360° Camera 4K Video

The official Ricoh Amazon store has a range of high-quality 360 cameras for you to choose from. Available in 4 vibrant colors, these 360 cameras have the ability to capture videos and images in 4K.

  • You can enjoy high performance while recording natural 360-degree stills and videos in the highest resolution.
  • The fish-eye lenses are effective and precise in stitching along with the latest stabilization technology, which takes your images and videos to a new level.
  • Theta also provides new presets and night view modes to help you shoot beautifully during the day and nighttime.
  • The thin and lightweight body makes it easy for you to carry the 360 camera on the go and capture the beautiful memories around you in the most immersive manner possible.

2. GoPro MAX — Waterproof 360 + Traditional Camera with Touch Screen

The GoPro MAX allows you to maximize your creativity with three cameras in one. You can either shoot 360 style immersive photos and videos or the traditional POV style content. The GoPro Amazon Store has the latest models in 360 cameras for all your action cam needs.

  • GoPro Max comes with unbreakable stabilization and efficient 180-degree capture, allowing you to create superior quality images and videos wherever you may be
  • The Max SuperView digital lens allows you to take incredible panoramic views along with premium 360 stereo audio to boost your videos.

3. Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam

The Kodak PixPro Collection on the Kodak Amazon Store is something to definitely look out for. These action cameras are available for underwater and explorer adventures as well.

  • The shockproof, dustproof, freezeproof, and flash-resistant camera is all you need to capture incredible memories while you travel.
  • The Advanced MOS sensor helps you choose from different viewing modes such as 360 Pan, 180 Pan, Dome, Ring, etc., to add creativity to your images and videos.
  • With 1080p HD resolution, you can shoot immersive 360-degree shots with just a click of a button.
  • Connect your Kodak SP360 with Wi-fi to control it with your phone – perfect for distant shots with you and your loved ones.

4. Kodak Orbit360 PIXPRO

Another great product from Kodak, the Orbit360 PixPro Satellite Camera, helps you capture high-resolution 4K videos with 360-degree technology.

  • Comes with an elegant yet futuristic body with two focus lenses for high-quality 360-degree action.
  • Directly upload your high-resolution images and videos to social media platforms with seamless connectivity and easy upload options.
  • Multi-view angles help you capture beautiful shots in 4K Ultra-Wide Mode and 235 Degree Dome Mode to enhance your creativity.
  • The Orbit360 offers a unique and powerful 360-degree spherical dynamic for videos that capture small details.

5. Insta360 ONE X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera

Insta360 ONE X2 offers a waterproof variant to take your action camera needs to a whole new level. Even though it is on the pricier end, the features are more than worth it.

  • Shoot your videos images and videos in every direction with super 5.7K technology along with 360-degree camera angles.
  • InstaONe’s horizon leveling algorithms let you work with superior quality stabilization that makes you forget about ever needing a gimbal.
  • The Invisible Selfie Stick feature lets you shoot pictures in drone-like angles, making it super easy for you to capture a third-person perspective in your content.
  • The waterproof variant lets you use the 360 camera while you surf or capture videos in a rainstorm.

What Makes a 360 Camera Special?

A 360 camera is special compared to a regular camera because it can shoot the entire space or scenery surrounding it. Here’s why you should consider buying one for yourself:

Captures Every Direction

A 360 camera can capture surroundings in every direction in one photo or video. That means that the output has every little detail in front, back, sideways, up, down, etc. Hence, you can also call a 360 camera an omnidirectional camera.

Dual Lens Technology

The 360 camera comes with two 180-degree wide-angle lenses that shoot the image or video at the same time on opposite ends. The technology is impressive because both these lenses shoot simultaneously and stitch together a product that is full 360 degrees.

Fun To Edit

Editing footage and images with a 360 camera takes editing to a whole new level. Some 360 camera models allow you to edit within the camera without the need to export your footage to external editing software. They also come with unique capture frame styles and modes that enable you to capture the most wonderful things.

Incredibly Immersive Memories

With a 360 camera, you can completely change the way you capture your memories. With a single shot, you can hold in your palm every detail of the place where you stand. With a traditional DSLR, you would have to take multiple shots in order to record every detail, which takes more time, space, and effort.

Our Final Thoughts

Undeniably, 360 cameras have a unique feature that makes them pretty irresistible to buy. If you are looking for places where to buy 360 cameras, we hope that we have helped with our curated list of the best in the industry.

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