Best 360 Camera for Facebook

Although several 360 cameras on the market make a fine choice, one of the best devices for the job is the GoPro Max. With its above-par 5.6K resolution, its 360 videos sport vibrant colors and vivid imagery, which is a joy to watch on Facebook and social media.

The GoPro Max boasts a streamlined workflow, improved user-friendliness, and several outstanding features making it a class-leading 360 camera. This iteration is an improvement over its predecessor, the Fusion.

The Best 360 Camera for Facebook

The streamlined GoPro Max is more user-friendly and intuitive than the previous 360 camera model, the Fusion. You don’t have to handle two memory cards, the software is now more intuitive, and the new 360 camera now sports a touchscreen through which you can control several settings.

Best 360 Camera for Facebook

As a result, the GoPro Max is a good choice for action videographers who want to upload their 360 videos and images on Facebook and other social media channels.


  • High quality 360 photos and clips
  • Integrated mounted clips
  • Waterproof – no case required
  • Very good built-in audio
  • Effective stabilization
  • Intuitive software
  • It can function as a single-lens camera


  • Effective resolution is lower
  • High-quality footage requires more time for processing
  • Single-lens can go up to only 60 fps


The GoPro Max has certain similarities in design with its predecessor, the Fusion. Some common elements include the rubber exterior and the matte gray look. The casing is waterproof, and so you will not need to buy a separate case to save it from water. You can take the camera underwater to a depth of no more than 16 feet.

One welcome addition is the color touchscreen, from where you can check the live feed on both lenses. Using touch, you can change settings as per your desires.

The device is fairly compact, with the face measuring 2.7 x 2.5 inches at a depth of 1.6 inches. Waterproofing, rubberized exterior for shock resistance, and compact dimension make it a fine action camera.

To safeguard lenses, you have both opaque and clear covers. Adhesive mounts and a mounting foot are also included in the package.

You may install the GoPro Max on top of a tripod if you wish or let it stand upright on its own if the terrain is flat.


6 mics are built into the 360 camera. The good news is that audio quality is above par. Although they record sound accurately, audio quality takes a hit when there is a breeze in the background. The bad news is that there is no support for using external mics.

Ports and Battery

There is a removable cover over the microSD card slot. Under this cover, you will also find the USB-C port which works for both file transfer and charging.

The battery can last for around 85 minutes when recording 360 videos. Battery time is over 100 minutes for single lens videos.

Wireless Connectivity

You can transfer files wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Thanks to this wireless connectivity, you can control the GoPro Max via the smartphone app. You can install the app on both Android and iOS phones.

The transfer rate is sluggish, though. One minute of 360 video takes around 45 seconds to transfer. GoPro should fix this issue by allowing cable transfer via USB-C for its app.

Video Formats

The Max can shoot vibrant-looking 360 videos. It can also record fully panoramic videos for VR, although it was not really designed especially for this.

If you are interested in ‘flat’ videos, that is, conventional videos, you can do that too with the app. The app allows you to convert 360 videos into 9:16, 4:3, 1:1, and 16:9 traditional formats. But beware that videos thus created are only 1080p. So resolution takes a big setback when converting videos to conventional formats.

But even at the relatively low 1080p resolution, conventional videos still look good. Until you zoom in, that is. Things then start looking hazy when you do that.

The app has an intuitive interface, due to which you can do video editing with ease. You don’t need to have a degree in video editing to handle the app.

Using the accelerometer, you can tilt the viewing angle for the video. You can modify the view by swiping and pinching to pan and zoom.

You can also make use of fun views such as the Little Planet projection.

Frame Rate

For increased versatility, there is also the single-lens function that you can utilize.

With both lenses at work, you can take the frame rate to no more than 30 fps. This is very modest for an action camera. The Hero8 Black, on the other hand, takes a frame rate of up to 240 fps at a resolution of 1080p.

But with single-lens shooting, you can take the frame rate 60 fps. You can take the frame rate down to 30 and 24 fps if that is what you want.

The stabilization and horizon leveling functions are very robust. The camera captures plenty of details even outside the frame. This allows for near-flawless stabilization and horizon leveling.

 GoPro Does It Right

GoPro took its own sweet time to launch its 360 cameras. Instead of rushing to market a hastily finished product like other brands did, it watched and waited. While other brands made big mistakes with their 360 cameras, GoPro learned from them and eradicated them from its design. The end result was a range of high-quality 360 cameras that work flawlessly as advertised.

Our Final Thoughts

The GoPro Max is a great choice for Facebook and other social media platforms, thanks to its exceptionally high 5.6K resolution. Videos are of very decent quality, and even the audio is great. The app is easy to use and has all the necessary editing tools for superb social media videos that you will proudly share.

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