How Much Does a 360-Camera Rental Cost?

Remember the time when we used to go to an arcade and take silly photos in the photo booth? Those were the days.

Since then, technology has come a long way. We have mobile phones, DSLR cameras, Go-Pro, and many more smart devices that allow us to take pictures wherever we want and however we want. The Google Street View app even allows you to take 360-degree photos from your Android. However, nothing beats the finesse of a 360-camera rental!

Unlike a standard photo booth, which costs around $300, if you search online how much is a 360 camera rental, the price range will be from $600 to $3,500. The cost usually depends on several factors, including how long you want the rental, what’s the occasion, the platform’s size, and the props required.

The following information will tell you in detail what a 360 camera is and how it works:

How Much is a 360-Camera Rental

What is a 360 Camera Rental?

A 360 camera combines Instagram’s Boomerang feature, HD imagery, and videos to offer you a unique to capture memorable event moments.

A 360-camera rental, also known as a 360-degree photo booth, is not an enclosed booth. It’s an open platform with a video camera attached to a spinner, which moves in a circle, taking a video and images. Some cameras do a complete 360 and capture all angles, while others move slowly and zoom in and out, giving a boomerang effect.

The camera captures panoramic images by revolving around the subject. Having a 360 camera in your event will not only surprise the guests but also make them declare your party the best one they have ever attended.

The camera captures 120 frames per second. All a user has to do is stand on the platform and pose or act on their script. One of the best things about this camera is that it offers you a lot of movement freedom and space. You can spin, bust a move or reenact your favorite movie scene with special effects.

How Does a 360 Camera Work

A 360 camera comes with a platform on which you can stand. The camera, mounted on a rotator, is positioned safely to capture you from top to bottom. Some companies offer props for a fun experience.

Once you are in place, the camera starts to spin. It might be a little difficult at first to understand which way to move, but as we said, there are no restrictions. You can instruct your friend to give you directions to capture each moment from different sides.

​After recording, the camera will save the file, and you will be directed to a downloading station, where you can download the file or share it on your social media.

Now that you know the basics of a 360 camera, let’s take a look at what factors affect the cost of its rental:

Factors That Affect the 360 Camera’s Cost

The Platform’s Size

The typical platform size of a 360 camera is 35 inches. It can fit around 2 to 3 guests. Larger platforms measure up to 46 inches and can fit 6 guests. Depending on how many people attend your event, you will have to decide how many cameras you need.

For example, you will need at least two cameras if it’s a wedding with 300 to 400 guests. A single camera will suffice for a launch party or business event. Most people at such events are not interested in posing for photos. So, it’s not just about how many people are visiting the event but what kind of event it is.

Custom Options

What’s the theme of your party? From birthdays to anniversaries, you can get just about any backdrop designed for a price. You can also request a 360 backdrop, creating an enclosed space to shoot inside.

If you are having a business event, you can also get the platform designed with custom branding options.


When you rent a 360 camera, it comes with basic lighting. However, you can get the package upgraded to include different styles, such as:

  • Flashlight
  • Spotlight
  • Trigger Light
  • Continuous LEDs
  • Handheld Light Stick
  • Softboxes
  • Color Gels


Not many people are familiar with how a 360 camera works. This means they might be a little confused about how to pose or act when standing on the platform. Having an assistant who acts as the operator will help them understand what they need to do. A little direction will go a long way in putting them at ease.

Moreover, having an operator works in your favor. If you are hosting a unique event related to the entertainment industry, most people will use the 360 camera to get a stellar photo or make an amazing video. An assistant can hold up the lights and help with the props. They can direct the user to where and how they should stand. Lastly, they can help move along with the line by speeding up the download process.

A Social Sharing Station

Some rental companies offer a 360 camera with lights, props, and an operator. While these are included in the package, you should consider adding a social sharing station in it as well. Once a user is done with their turn on the platform, they move towards the camera to download the video. If you are having a big event, this might result in people waiting for hours for their turn.

This is where a social sharing station comes in. It’s a separate booth where you can download your video, send it to your email, or share it on your social media. A social sharing station usually costs less than $100.

Final Word

A 360 camera is an innovative smart device, perfect for every type of celebration. Yes, it’s costlier than a standard photo booth, but you can’t beat the type of quality and creative images and videos it allows you to pose for and make.

So, instead of focusing on how much is a 360-camera rental, focus on how big of a booth you will need to accommodate your guests and ensure they are not waiting in line for their turn.

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