Best Camera for 360 Virtual Tours

Best Camera for 360 Virtual Tour
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The best camera for a 360 virtual tour is the Kandao QooCam 8K, thanks to its extraordinary specifications, superior image quality, and exceptional performance.

With super high resolution 8K imagery, the Kandao QooCam leaves most other 360 cameras far behind. At this resolution, you can expect superior quality visuals.

The Kandao QooCam leaves other cams in the dust with its class-leading 8K resolution. It will be hard for you to settle for anything less once you see what 8K imagery is all about.

The Kandao QooCam is not perfect, though. The app is rather barebones. The camera itself is cumbersome – although for 36 virtual tours, it should not be a big issue.

The Best Camera for 360 Virtual Tours

The camera is the first consumer product that sports 8K 360 video shooting capability. This futuristic camera is ahead of the competition and the ideal candidate for 360 virtual tours. Thanks to its high resolution, vivid imagery, and depth of detail, it makes for a very virtual tour camera.


  • OLED screen
  • Excellent image stabilization
  • Very high 8K resolution
  • 4K slow-motion video capability


  • Not waterproof
  • Bulky
  • App needs improvement
  • Cost
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Basic Features

With an ability to record 8K resolution 360 videos at 30 frames per second, the Kandao QooCam can shoot highly immersive full panorama videos. No other camera can shoot 360 videos with such depth of detail.

Even still, photos are a class apart at a size of 29.4MP. The resolution for these photos is mind-blowing 7680 x 3480 pixels. However, take note that since pixels are spread out over a full 360-degree sphere, spherical photos of this resolution will not appear as sharp as conventional 16:9 photos.

However, this is enough pixels for even 360 images to look sharp enough and impressive. With such high resolution and depth of detail, videographers can reframe videos in a widescreen mode without a substantial reduction in sharpness. The big sensor size means that the camera lets in more light and detail, capturing in highly vivid 360 photos and videos.

In the 4K mode, the Kandao QooCam can shoot at 120 fps which is awesome. Thus, it is easy to make super slow-motion videos at 4K. Most other 360 cams on the market can barely manage 30 fps at 4K. So these are impressive numbers. It shows that the Kandao QooCam is in a league of its own.

The 2.4 inch OLED touchscreen is another plus point. You can use touch to control the camera, which is superb for user experience because, with other cameras, you have to press down on buttons. The 2.4-inch screen is generously large and sports amazing visual quality in its own right.

Built-in memory is 64GB which is greater than most models. Also, there is a slot for an extra microSD card in case you want to expand storage. Many other camera models do not allow for memory extension, so this is another win for the Kandao QooCam. You can add up to 256GB extra storage capacity via the memory slot. You will have plenty of space to keep your 360 clips and stills.

Kandao QooCam 8K Enterprise 360 Camera (247129) + 64GB Card + Adjustable Selfie-Stick + Small Bag + USB-C to HDMI Cable + USB-C Adapter + Network Cable + Velcro Straps + Cleaning Kit


No other consumer-grade model can match the video quality of the Kandao QooCam 360 camera. Images are unsurprisingly sharp, vibrant, and vivid.

The only major criticism is that there are only two recording modes available. You can shoot 8K at 30 fps and 4K at 120 fps. Although these are very impressive, it would have been nice to have a bit more variety. For example, there should have been a lower frame rate available for 4K.

The stabilization capability is top class, thanks to the 6-axis gyro. There is also a selfie stick for those interested in creating vlogger videos. It’s good to know that the camera automatically detects the stick to not be visible in the final video.

Although there is plenty of processing power, the key issue here is that it drains the battery quickly owing to its high power. The battery lasts just over an hour on a full charge. This is not enough if you want to spend the day out and record it in 360. But thankfully, there is a way around that. You can carry a portable power pack and use it to charge the Kandao QooCam via the USB-C port.


You might think that editing 8K 360 clips may not be easy for phones. And that is quite true. Thankfully, that process is made somewhat less stressful with a user-friendly app. The app has the “4K Express Edit” feature that reducing the depth of image information. This reduces the burden on phone processors and memory, although it comes at the expense of lower resolution. But then smartphones are not a smart idea for taking on colossal 8K videos.

USB cables are part of the package for transferring files. However, file transfer is a bit slow, even via cable.

The app has a comprehensive array of editing tools and options. The ‘SmartTrack’ function, for instance, keeps the subject at the center of the shot. Likewise, you are free to trim video clips, throw in some music, add filters, and so on, thanks to editing features embedded in the app.

Some intriguing and fun video modes that you can deploy with ease like the ‘Clip Merging’, ‘Dolly Zoom’, and ‘Orbiting Hyperlapse’ create some truly novel effects. Short and simple tutorials are available so that you can get up to speed.

Our Final Thoughts

With its unmatched resolution, the Kandao QooCam effortlessly trumps rivals. It’s not that rivals are too bad. It’s just that the Kandao QooCam boasts extraordinary numbers that outgun really good cameras like the Insta360 One R, Insta360 One X, GoPro Fusion, and the GoPro Max.

So if you are obsessed with peerless, vibrant, and vivid 360 visuals, then the Kandao QooCam is the right 360 camera for you.

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