360fly Camera Review: Capturing Life in Every Angle

The 360fly camera emerges as a noteworthy contender in the realm of 360-degree cameras, boasting a unique design that allows it to capture life in all directions. When you’re considering upgrading your adventure gear, the 360fly’s ability to record in 4K resolution makes it a compelling option. This camera is designed for the action enthusiast, featuring a robust build that’s water-resistant up to 30 feet, which means you can capture your underwater or rainy-day escapades without worry.

Setting up the 360fly is a breeze, ensuring that you’ll spend less time fiddling with equipment and more time immersed in the experience. It comes with a generous 64GB of internal memory, so there’s plenty of space to store your high-definition videos. Compatibility is key, and the camera pairs seamlessly with an excellent smartphone companion app that expands its functionality and ease of use. Whether you’re looking to share your latest skydiving trip or a panoramic view of your travel escapades, the 360fly offers the tools to do so with simplicity and quality.

Key Takeaways

  • The 360fly camera captures high-resolution 360-degree video and is designed for ease of use.
  • It is made to withstand the elements, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.
  • The camera features ample storage and pairs with a user-friendly smartphone app for editing and sharing content.

Design and Build Quality

When you first lay eyes on the 360fly 4K camera, you’ll notice its unique spherical shape and compact form factor that differentiate it from traditional action cameras.

Durability Features

Your 360fly 4K is designed to handle your adventurous lifestyle. It boasts a water-resistant feature that allows you to submerge it up to 30 feet, perfect for capturing underwater scenes or facing inclement weather. Beyond just being water-resistant, it’s also shockproof. This means that you can confidently take it along on your most rugged excursions with less worry about accidental drops or impacts. The camera’s durability is clear from its construction, which seems ready to stand up to the trials of active use.

For more details about the performance of the camera’s mobile app which elevates the experience, you can read a comprehensive review at CNET. To understand more about how it operates in different environments, PCMag offers insights into its build quality and handling, which can be found here.

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Camera Specifications

In exploring the 360fly 4K camera, you’ll find that its specifications offer a unique mix of features designed for capturing life in 360 degrees. Let’s dive into the lens and sensor arrangement, as well as the resolution and image quality you can expect from this device.

Lens and Sensor

The 360fly 4K camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens that covers a full 360-degree view. This eliminates the need for multiple cameras to capture panoramic content. The single lens works in concert with a powerful sensor, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive view without blind spots.

Resolution and Image Quality

Expect to capture moments in striking detail as the 360fly 4K supports a 4K resolution. This high resolution means your images and videos will be sharp, making your 360-degree content look as immersive as possible. The camera’s robust image quality takes advantage of the full 360-degree view, giving you clarity and depth in your panoramic videos and stills.

Connectivity and Compatibility

Your 360fly 4K camera comes with seamless connectivity features and a range of compatibility options that cater to your mobile and desktop preferences. This section highlights how you can transfer and share your 360-degree videos smoothly and efficiently through the accompanying apps and social media integration.

Mobile and Desktop Apps

The 360fly 4K camera syncs with a dedicated mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices, allowing you to control your camera and manage your content conveniently. The app’s intuitive design makes it straightforward to use, giving you the power to start and stop recording, as well as review your footage directly from your phone or tablet. For desktop users, there is a desktop app compatible with both Mac and Windows, enhancing your ability to edit and refine your videos on a larger screen.

Connecting your 360fly camera to your devices is made easy with built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities. Wi-Fi connectivity offers quick video transfer speeds, while Bluetooth allows for fast pairing and camera setting adjustments.

Social Media Integration

Sharing your panoramic adventures with the world is easy, thanks to the 360fly camera’s robust social media integration. Directly from the mobile app, you can upload your 360-degree videos to platforms like YouTube and Facebook, allowing your friends and followers to experience your immersive content as if they were right there with you.

Bear in mind that ensuring your apps are up-to-date will provide you with a smoother experience and access to the latest sharing features and camera updates. Whether you’re using the mobile app on the go or the desktop app at home, your 360fly 4K camera is designed to keep you well-connected and ready to share your world.

Video Capture and Quality


When it comes to immersive video capturing, the 360fly 4K camera steps up the game, enabling you to shoot detailed 360-degree videos with ease. Your memories are captured with remarkable clarity and can be relived as if you’re right there in the moment again.

360-Degree Video Performance

With the 360fly 4K camera, you have the ability to record all-around scenes in crisp 4K resolution. The camera ensures that every angle is covered, giving you a complete 360-degree field of view. This is particularly beneficial in dynamic environments where actions occur all around, and the 360fly camera stands out for its seamless stitching of imagery, so you get a smooth, uninterrupted video experience.

It’s important to note that while it does not capture a full 360-degree image vertically, offering 240 degrees instead, the camera still presents an expansive view that captures the essence of your surroundings. The footage you obtain is suitable for various forms of playback, whether on a standard display where you can scroll around the scene or on VR headsets for a more immersive experience.

Low-Light Performance

Low-light conditions are often challenging for cameras, but the 360fly 4K handles these situations with competence. You might notice a slightly more grainy look to videos compared to those shot in bright environments; however, the camera still manages to capture usable footage. When recording in lower light, the footage won’t be as sharp as the 4K quality you’d enjoy in well-lit scenes, but it does not drop to the point where your content loses its vibrancy.

As your adventures might lead you into darker settings, it’s good to know that the camera has a reasonable performance that can still capture the essence of the moment without too much loss of detail. However, for the best quality, you’d want to ensure adequate lighting wherever possible to take full advantage of the camera’s 4K video capabilities.

Ease of Use and Setup


When you get your hands on the 360fly 4K camera, you’ll find that setting it up is a streamlined experience, designed with your convenience in mind.

Getting Started

Your journey with the 360fly 4K begins by mounting it on a tripod or using the included grip to secure your camera for those action-packed shots. Once mounted, the initial setup involves powering on the camera and pairing it with your smartphone. This is where the companion app plays a pivotal role; it’s lauded for its user-friendly interface, making the setup process a breeze.

In the app, you’ll navigate through a few basic settings to tailor the camera’s performance to your liking. You’re supported through each step with clear instructions, ensuring you start capturing 360-degree videos effortlessly. The camera’s dock further simplifies charging and transferring files, so you’re quickly ready to go out and start recording your adventures.

Storage and Battery

When you’re out capturing life’s adventures, you need a camera that can keep up. With the 360fly 4K camera, you’ve got ample storage for your footage and a battery that’s built to last through your exploits.

Memory Capacity

The 360fly 4K camera comes equipped with 64GB of internal storage. This isn’t expandable with external memory cards, but it provides sufficient space to store a generous amount of high-resolution 360-degree videos and photos. You won’t need to worry about carrying extra memory cards, which means one less thing on your mind while you’re recording.

Battery Performance

Your 360fly 4K’s power source is a built-in battery that is recharged using a Micro-USB cable. The battery life is robust, allowing you prolonged sessions of capturing content without the need for frequent recharging. It’s important to note that battery performance can vary based on the settings you use, but generally, you’ll find it reliable for extended shoots.

Audio and Sound Quality


When recording with the 360fly 4K camera, you’ll notice that the audio quality plays a significant role in how immersive your videos feel. The camera’s built-in microphone is designed to capture sound from all around, enhancing the 360-degree experience.

Microphone Capabilities

The 360fly 4K camera is equipped with a single, omnidirectional microphone that records audio from all directions. This microphone allows you to capture more natural and holistic soundscapes to accompany your videos. Unlike other cameras that might support external mics, the 360fly 4K does not have an external microphone port. However, the built-in microphone is engineered to balance the audio input to ensure a clear and consistent audio quality.

  • Microphone Type: Omnidirectional
  • Audio Capture: 360-degree coverage
  • External Mic Support: No

Remember, while the integrated microphones provide convenience and a decent audio capture capability, for professional-level audio, you might need to pair your video with a separate audio recording device and synchronize during post-production.

Accessories and Mounting Options


When it comes to enhancing your 360fly 4K camera experience, a variety of accessories and mounting options are available to suit your diverse shooting scenarios.

Compatibility with Mounts

Your 360fly 4K camera is designed with flexibility in mind. It includes a standard tripod mount, which enables you to secure your camera on a multitude of supports. Whether you’re positioning it on a mini-tripod for a static shot or a full-sized one for greater height, the compatibility is seamless.

Moreover, your camera adventures don’t have to be limited to standard tripods. With a GoPro mount adapter—often included or available separately—you can connect your 360fly 4K to an array of GoPro mounts. This greatly expands your mounting options, allowing you to latch onto everything from helmets to handlebars. For example, if you’re a biker, simply attach the adapter to a GoPro bike mount and you’re ready to capture immersive 360-degree action footage.

Remember to explore the 360fly QuickTwist Action Camera Mount Adapters, especially designed for the 360fly 4K camera, which provide a secure and easy-to-use locking mechanism. This feature lets you switch between mounts quickly, ensuring you never miss the action.

Software and Editing Tools


Navigating the landscape of 360-degree video editing can be quite an adventure. The 360fly camera offers you both desktop and mobile solutions, ensuring your footage can be polished and shared with relative ease, whether you’re at your desk or on the go.

Desktop and Mobile Editing

Desktop Software:
When you’re ready to edit on a larger screen, the camera’s desktop software gives you the ability to tweak and fine-tune your clips. You can stitch different shots together, creating a seamless 360-degree experience. However, users have noted that the desktop application could benefit from a few enhancements for an even smoother editing process. For an in-depth analysis of the desktop software, refer to the 360fly 4K Review on PCMag.

Mobile App:
Your mobile device becomes a powerful editing suite with the 360fly’s companion app. You’re afforded the flexibility to make quick edits, trim your video clips to the desired length, and merge multiple clips into one. It stands out as user-friendly with its simplicity and effectiveness in managing 360-degree footage. The app has been particularly praised for its functionality, marking it as a dependable choice for editing on the fly. To understand more about the app’s capabilities, check out this CNET review.

Remember, whether you opt for the in-depth editing tools on your computer or the convenient app on your smartphone, the 360fly provides you with the necessary software to bring your 360-degree videos to life.

Live Features and Streaming


Exploring new horizons with your 360fly 4K camera just got better, with intuitive live features that turn streaming into a smooth and engaging experience. Let’s break down how you can share every angle of your adventures in real-time with friends and viewers around the world.

Live View and Streaming

Live View: The moment you start recording, the 360fly 4K camera offers a Live View feature. This function allows you to see exactly what the camera is capturing on your mobile device. It’s essential for framing your shots and ensuring that you catch the action from all angles.

Livit and the 360fly 4K: By pairing the camera with the Livit app, you take your content from personal to public instantly. The Livit app gives you the capability to live stream your 360-degree videos directly to your audience. It’s like having your very own broadcast station in your pocket.

Cardboard Mode: Experience your live feed in virtual reality with the 360fly 4K’s cardboard mode. Just slip your phone into a Google Cardboard viewer, and immerse yourself in the live action as if you were there again, or let others jump into your experiences.

Viewing on Small Screens: While the 360fly 4K excels at wide-angle shots, viewing on small screens is still enjoyable. The Live View stream adapts to your device, ensuring you can monitor your footage easily, regardless of the screen size.

With these live features, your 360 videos take on a new life, drawing viewers into the moment and giving them a panoramic view. Your adventures are now more than just memories; they’re live experiences you can share instantly.

User Experiences and Use Cases


When you’re using the 360fly 4K camera, you’ll discover that it’s more than just an action camera; it’s your gateway to creating immersive experiences you can relive again and again.

Practical Applications

  • For Adventurers: If you love outdoor activities, your 360fly 4K is robust enough to handle rough conditions. Whether you’re hiking up a mountain or diving into the ocean, you can record every angle of your adventure without worry. The camera’s durability against water and shocks means your journey is captured seamlessly.

    Record quality is crucial for action shots, and with the 360fly 4K, your footage is less likely to suffer from common artifacts like purple fringing, which can sometimes occur in high-contrast situations.

  • For VR Enthusiasts: By pairing the 360fly 4K footage with a VR headset, you step into a world where your recorded adventures come to life right before your eyes. The camera’s capability to capture 360-degree video means every direction you look is another part of your story.

    The immersive experience doesn’t end there. Even without a VR headset, watching your videos on a smartphone screen can still give you a panoramic view of your exploits.

  • For Social Sharers: Content captured with the 360fly 4K camera is primed for sharing on social media, allowing your friends and followers to experience moments as if they were there with you. Sharing these moments is made easy through the excellent smartphone companion app that comes with the camera.

By understanding these use cases, your 360fly 4K camera becomes a versatile tool that enriches the way you capture and share your life’s experiences.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, you’ll find specific details addressing common inquiries about the 360fly camera, from its compatibility with iPhones to the user-friendliness of its app. These FAQs will help you gain a clearer understanding of what to expect from this device.

How does the 360fly camera perform with iPhones?

The 360fly 4K camera is designed to work seamlessly with your iPhone, offering excellent connectivity and an easy-to-use interface through its companion app. You can shoot and share high-quality 360-degree content directly from your phone.

What are consumers saying about the 360fly camera on Amazon?

Consumers on Amazon generally praise the 360fly camera for its water-resistant features and the quality of 360-degree videos. There are occasional mentions of desired improvements in desktop software, but overall, feedback highlights its solid performance.

How user-friendly is the 360fly camera app?

The app for the 360fly camera is highly regarded for being user-friendly and intuitive, which makes capturing and editing 360-degree videos a hassle-free experience.

Is the 360fly camera compatible with all devices?

While the 360fly camera is compatible with a wide range of devices, including iPhones and Android phones, you should check the specific model for compatibility to ensure the best performance. Desktop software may have varying compatibility depending on your operating system.

What features are included in the 360fly camera manual?

The 360fly camera manual includes comprehensive instructions on how to operate your camera, details on the different shooting modes available, and steps on how to connect it to your devices, ensuring you get the most out of its functionalities.

How does the 360fly HD compare to other 360-degree cameras?

The 360fly HD stands out for its durable build and single-lens design, but it does not capture a full 360-degree image in every direction. Compared to others, it is simple to use and produces excellent footage, although some alternatives may offer different features or higher resolution.

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